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Trust Consulting have recently completed a mobile gateway project for Sheffield University


January 2011

Nigel Tazzyman gave a presentation at the AUA Telecoms Conference entitled "Unified Communications - the Hype, the Reality, and the Options." (click title to view)

Also click here to see the conference day 1 blog


Trust Consulting have also been appointed to undertake a Unified Communications review for Cranfield University


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DOMTECH is a computerised workload based management system that has the facility to provide management with accurate assessments of the level of cleaning requirement under given parameters. It is used in various individual Hospital Trusts and Health and Social Care campuses where several units need to be identified within the same database.



DOMTECH has evolved over the years to its present state as a Microsoft Access database. Originally the system was developed by ourselves in conjunction with the then local Health Authority, from which Trust Consulting was conceived in the early 1990’s
The system and maintenance of the program has been developed by using work measurement techniques, namely time study and method study, to determine accurate time based values determined under BSI regulations, for all tasks undertaken by domestic cleaning staff. These values were then built into the actual database, which in turn is used to determine the amount of cleaning hours required.



Domtech allows for standard minute time values to be set against square metres per room, frequency of clean, and against the amount of room furniture.

Each operation has a code; all departments and individual rooms have an identifying unique number, square meterage, and type of floor covering and equipment levels. (For example the number of waste bins per room, the number of bedside furniture, number of wash basins etc)

Sample Room cleaning requirement

To calculate the hours required to clean an individual room the following would be required:
Room size:                   Square Metres             
Floor covering:                        Hard or soft
Operations:                 Dependant on type of room (office, ward, clinical, etc)
Frequency of clean:     Daily, Weekly, Annual etc
Quantities:                     Number in room (waste bins etc)


To calculate an individual room / department’s cleaning requirements Domtech uses time converted to per 100 sq m at the required frequency and number of equipment contained within the room, displayed as a time value per week.

There are standard reports available within the system that allows the user(s) to report on the amount of cleaning hours that are required to clean the hospital at the required frequency. These are requirements by:

Room (individual and summary)
Departments (individual and summary)
Hospital (summary)

Individual reports identify actual operations, frequency and quantities per room, for one room or all rooms within a department or for the whole hospital.

Summary reports are detailed by total square meterage per floor area and total hours and are available by room or department.



The latest development that system has taken advantage of has been the inclusion of the NHS minimum cleaning frequencies for some 49 activities / tasks. These frequencies have been loaded into the database and now form part of the system. Reports can now be obtained via the database that can quickly compare existing standards hours for a room or department as if it were in another risk area.



This program has been proven to work in the private and public sectors albeit without the ‘bolt’ on NHS cleaning standards package.